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+385 1 27 53 760


Zagrebačka 29, 10370 Dugo Selo, Croatia

Hand cleaners

Accessories and parts of accessories for washing floor surfaces and glass. Aluminum telescopic rods with a length of 2-11 meters, cloths for washing MOPs 40-50 cm (cotton and microfiber), cotton cloths for wiping floors with a length of 60-100 cm, microfiber cloths for wiping furniture and glasses (in 4 colors ), cobweb attachments flat and angular, presses for squeezing MOPs, soap dispensers, hairdryers/dryers for hair and hands, water expellers (45 and 70 cm).

Accessories for manual washing and wiping of glass surfaces.


DEMIT d.o.o

10370 Dugo Selo, Zagrebačka 29, Croatia

TEL. 385 1 27 53 760

E-mail: demit@demit.hr

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